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Eliá Beauty Hair Botox Revolution 1Liter (33.8 Oz)

Eliá Beauty Hair Botox Revolution 1Liter (33.8 Oz)

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Hair Smoothing System

Is the result of a unique formula without fumes or odor, and most importantly it is completely Formaldehyde Free.

Eliá Beauty Hair Botox Revolution repairs, revitalizes and protect damaged hair.

Reduces frizz while providing natural shine and wave.

Our formula is rich in natural Oils, therefore provides nutrients with anti-oxidants to reactivate hydration.

Eliá Beauty Revolution’s ingredients adds silkiness, elasticity and bounce.

As a result make the hair stronger from the inside and straighten it for up to 3 months.

Free 2 bottles of 16 Oz each of Clarifying Shampoo with the purchase of this product.

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