Are these treatments relaxers?
No, these treatments are made of keratin, amino acid, collagen and silicone that naturally soften curls. It leaves hair shiny, silky and hydrated.
Can you use Eliá Beauty Keratin or Revolution treatments after any chemical process, such as coloring, high-lights or relaxers?
Yes, these treatments can follow any chemical processing of the hair.​
How long do clients have to wait to wash hair again, after treatment?
​​Clients can wash their hair on the same day with Eliá Beauty Keratin, as well as with the Revolution.
How long do Eliá Beauty Keratin and Revolution treatments last?
Results can last from 3-4 months, depending upon the care of each individual client.​
How often can I do the treatment?​
Eliá Beauty Keratin may be repeated every 3 to 4 months, if client desires. The Revolution treatment can be done monthly.
¿Should I cut my hair before or after the treatment?
Hair should be cut after any treatment Eliá Beauty Keratin or Revolution treatment.​
Can I go in the pool or ocean after any treatment?
Yes, you can go in the pool or the ocean as long as you take the precaution needed. Use Eliá Beauty Leave-In conditioner before getting in the water to protect hair from chlorine and salt.​
Which shampoo should I use after doing the treatment?
We recommend Eliá Beauty complete line of products for best results.​
Can I use hair spray, gel or mousse?
No, we do not recommend any products that contain alcohol, after treatment.